Prestashop Add to Quote

Request Quote Module for Prestashop

Thank you for purchasing our "Prestashop Add to Quote" module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form. Thank you so much !

The Documentation will guide you in installing the module and implement the necessary configuration settings.

Prestashop Add to Quote module allow your customers to request a custom quote. This is a full featured quoting tool for your prestashop shopping cart.

This module provides your customers to add to quote to a quotelist and submit a request to the shop owner in an easy way.

Prestashop Add to quote module will help to the Site Owner to give special rates based on the quantity or amount of the products. Customers or visitors can inform to the site owner for increase better services, better quality or better prices of the products or customer can give any sort of suggestion to the site owner by a quick quote.

Admin can view the quote list with quote id, customer name, email, details and date. He can give reply from admin panel and view the reply status of individual quote. Admin needs a valid customer email address to create a quote for them.

This module is best for rental stores, providing custom services, or anything that would benefit from the customer being able to receive a custom quote.

Prestashop Add to quote module has some excellent features and very easy to install or setup.

Prestashop Add to quote module is more flexible and compatible with many existing modules in the Prestashop repository. This Module is fully customizable. Users can easily configure the module into the new or existing Prestashop websites.

  1. Download the module.
  2. Unzip the file and rename the “admin” folder with your sites “admin folder name” (For example, if your sites admin name is “admin1234” then rename the module admin folder name as “admin1234”).
  3. Now upload the folders to the sites “root” directory.
  4. Activate the module from “MODULES” menu in Prestashop Admin.
  5. Click on the “Product Quotation’s” “Install” button to install the Module.
  6. Now go to MODULES > Modules > Product Quotation > Configure to configure your necessary settings. (You can change all the text of module from here)
  7. Add a products from Catalog > Products > Add New Products as usual. Now go to “Product Quotation” Tab to Allow Product Quotation Button and show the button “Always” or “When Stock Empty”
  8. View all the Quote lists from Catalog > Quotation List and send the customer reply.
  9. Now add the “Quotation List” as a menu in the frontend. (To set the menu, install "Top horizontal menu" module in prestashop and add a new link by this module. You will find the link, when you click on “Add Quote” button a link will show in the bottom of the button. View the screen shot below for more information).

A button will appear in every or particular product, e.g. “Add to Quote” or “Request Quote”. Customers or Visitors can click on this button to add product(s) in their quote list. Then they can send quote, comment or suggestion to the shop owner with other fields (like name, email, message etc.).